Why Vertical Screen?

Intuitive Workflow System

The Producer is our leading-edge internal workflow management system that gives us unparalleled electronic oversight of the investigation process.

All of our screening research and reports are managed through The Producer, our proprietary paperless workflow system. This internal system, which operates according to our stringent ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System protocols, provides beginning to end oversight, tracking, documentation and auditing for every single piece of research that we perform. With The Producer, we manage every step of the research process down to the second.


Speed: From the moment we receive a request, The Producer automatically applies each client’s detailed profile settings and intelligently routes all research for immediate handling.
Consistency: The Producer stores and applies your specific detailed service parameters to ensure their consistent application.
Compliance: The Producer is specially coded with all applicable federal, state and local laws to ensure compliance.
Transparency: While research is under way, the system tracks every single research activity, including calls, emails and other notes – providing full oversight and tracking for us and our clients.
Auditing: The system tracks a myriad of quality metrics – including accuracy and turnaround time – for each process and research department.

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