Our goal is to be a leader in the area of environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices. We recognize the importance of sustainability with regard to environmental, social and economic concerns in our daily operations and are dedicated to responsible use of environmental resources. 


We aim to deliver solutions that leave a lasting impression on our clients, but not on the environment.

Businesses “going green” may seem like a trendy notion these days, but to us at Vertical Screen it is a core part of our mission. We are committed to making environmentally conscious decisions a fundamental part of how we conduct our day-to-day business.

In support of this commitment, we strive to reduce our use of energy, fuel, water and materials, and we explore and use options for the reuse, reduction and recycling of materials. Every Vertical Screen employee is tasked with being a partner to recognize new opportunities and assist with the implementation of sustainability solutions. So, just by coming to work every day, our employees are part of an effort to reduce the company’s use of natural resources.

Through our sustainability initiatives, we have been able to significantly reduce our energy and resource use. Our green philosophy benefits both the planet and our bottom-line.


Since the spring of 2013, the Vertical Screen Garden has offered employees an outlet to learn basic gardening principles and apply those principles to organically grow their own food in one of our 144 employee raised-bed garden plots.

Vertical Screen employees take home half of the fruits and vegetables from their gardens,  and the other half is donated to local food banks. Since the outset, our open-to-everyone company gardens have been very successful and a shining demonstration of our commitment to sustainability.


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What They're Saying

With its new headquarters, Vertical Screen is clearly moving business forward by putting the needs of people and planet first.

Steelcase 360

Vertical Screen differs from many green buildings in that the energy-saving measures are thoroughly embedded in the structure of the design, rather than applied to the surface.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Vertical Screen went further to provide not only a visually stunning work atmosphere, but an environment that fosters employee health and well-being.

Scott Kelly
Principal of Re:Vision Architecture

new paradigm for corporate office space.

Scott Erdy
Principal of Erdy McHenry Architecture LLC

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