Why Vertical Screen?


Quick and efficient communication with researchers in the field is essential for providing fast turnaround time. Our RecordSquad tool allows us to instantly communicate with our court reporting agents, dramatically reducing turnaround time on court searches.  

We communicate in real time with our field court reporting agents through RecordSquad, a secure, Web-based portal. This private, secure extranet site allows instantaneous ordering, tracking and reporting for physical county court searches. The site provides complete transparency during the research process and serves as a secure communication channel with our court agents.


Speed: A seamless integration between our client ordering system and RecordSquad allows for new requests to instantly be transferred to the field.
Transparency: Provides us with a real-time status update of your court agent record searches.
Communication: Establishes a convenient, secure communication channel between us and our court reporting agents.
Efficient: Provides centralized management of all of our court reporting requests.
Security: Offers high-level security through 128-bit encryption, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and risk-based authentication. The site is tested and certified by Verizon Cybertrust Security, a worldwide leader in providing enterprise security certification programs.
Privacy: RecordSquad is a private network available only to authorized users; all report information is encrypted to ensure data privacy.

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