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Our inProcess tool provides you with real-time transparency throughout the research process.

Vertical Screen’s inProcess module provides transparency during the research process and serves as a communication channel with clients. When an investigation is in process, the inProcess module displays the report’s overall status, the results of each research component as they are completed and real-time tracking of components still being researched.

Example Status Updates

in process icon In Process: All required information to perform the background check has been received and research is underway. Real-time detailed research notes and expected turnaround times are displayed providing up-to-the-minute status.
hold icon On Hold: The background check request has been initiated and is awaiting the applicant’s completion of required forms. Built-in tools allow users to communicate with the applicant and even resend or cancel requests.
problem icon Problem: Missing or incomplete information has been identified and is being gathered either directly from the applicant or from the client.
complete icon Complete: All research has been completed and the case has been delivered.


Transparency: Provides a real-time status update of all components of the background check, available anytime, anywhere.
speed icon Expedited Hiring: View critical information as it is completed, allowing accelerated decision making based on key hiring factors.
communication icon Communication: Seamless communication is accomplished quickly and securely through the Problem Notification alert email system.
tracking icon Tracking: Overall background report status remains “In Process” until all research is complete, making it easy to track pending research.

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