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At Vertical Screen, we understand that our influence extends beyond our client relationships. Our commitment to social responsibility is further exemplified by our efforts to support the communities in which we do business.

Since its opening in April 2011, groups ranging from professional architects and artists to school classes and local businesses have been invited to tour our LEED Platinum Certified Warminster headquarters. Each tour demonstrates our energy saving strategies, reused materials and environmentally-focused construction methods in an effort to raise awareness and ultimately encourage others to adopt green practices.

Vertical Screen also teams with various local merchants and service providers to offer employee discounts in an effort to encourage the support of local businesses in our community.

While we strive to impact our communities through hands-on and face-to-face interactions, Vertical Screen has also made monetary donations to more than 20 charities across the country in the past few years including health groups, schools and youth organizations. Furthermore, winners of contest drawings at any of our frequently attended tradeshows are awarded with a donation to a charity of their choosing submitted on their behalf.

What They're Saying

With its new headquarters, Vertical Screen is clearly moving business forward by putting the needs of people and planet first.

Steelcase 360 Magazine

Vertical Screen differs from many green buildings in that the energy-saving measures are thoroughly embedded in the structure of the design, rather than applied to the surface.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Vertical Screen went further to provide not only a visually stunning work atmosphere, but an environment that fosters employee health and well-being.

Scott Kelly
Principal of Re:Vision Architecture

A new paradigm for corporate office space.

Scott Erdy
Principal of Erdy McHenry Architecture LLC
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