Succession Planting

Many crops benefit from planting several successive sowings or plantings. There are crops that I refer to as “one and done” type crops.

These types of crops produce one root, one head or one fruit and are then finished producing. Radishes, carrots, head lettuce, turnips and corn fall into this category. These crops should be planted in weekly or biweekly successions if you want the crops to come in at different times throughout the season. 

Then there are the quick crops that sometimes succumb all too easily to diseases and pests. These crops usually mature quickly in less than 60 days and can be succession planted to ensure a harvest throughout the season. Cucumber, melons, peas, summer squash, and bush beans all fall into this category. Many of these crops can be planted in May in our area and then planted once again in June or early July. This gives you a second flush of these crops when the first succession is starting to die off.

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