Salad Anyone?

Harvest these cool-season greens and enjoy a gourmet salad right in your own home.

Romaine – We have a couple different types of romaine lettuce growing this season. One of my favorite new varieties is Spretnak.  This variety forms a perfect small head with nice smooth, crisp classic romaine taste. These can be planted much closer than your typical larger romaine heads so all in all they come close to equaling the substance of larger headed varieties per square foot. They are very nice for those last couple of spots you want to cover in the garden. 

Leaf – Reds, greens, cutleaf; so many different types. I love a nice row of baby leaf greens. They are never bitter when they are cut young and they have great flavor. These mix well with other greens like arugula, spinach and baby kale. The variety Tropicana is a frilly leaf type of lettuce that holds up well to summer heat. 

Butterhead – These really do have a buttery taste to them. We have a beautiful dark red variety and a green variety.  They look beautiful in the garden and taste even better.

Lettuce have some pics please!

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