DIY: Making your own tomato cage

Are you sick of your tomato plants outgrowing your store-bought tomato cage by June? Why not make a bigger cage?

For this job, concrete reinforcement wire is your material of choice. You can get it in 150-foot rolls that are 4-foot high. They can then be cut down to a diameter of your choice (personally, I like to have about an 18-inch diameter).

Once you have it cut down to your desired size, you have to bend the cut wire pieces to create your cage.  You can cut one horizontal rung off the cage to create spikes for inserting into the ground but I like to keep all of the 4-foot height. You now have a nice roomy, tall tomato cage ready for your tomatoes. I drive a wooden or metal stake into the ground to attach the cage too, this way the cage won’t topple once you are loaded with fruit in August.

Another great option is to use a 3.5-inch x 7.5-inch flat sheet of the reinforcement wire. This makes a very tall, smaller diameter cage (12 inches or so). This works perfect for indeterminate tomatoes that have been pruned to one or two main stems.

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