You say tomato…

No matter which way you pronounce it, most people are accustomed to boring old red tomatoes from the grocery store. But step away from the produce shelf and flip through a good seed catalog and you’ll start to see the staggering amount of tomato varieties that are out there.

I have been fortunate enough to see a field of tomato plants that contain over 100 different varieties of tomatoes. The end of a harvest day in a field with that much variety looks like a tomato rainbow. And it’s not just color—there are so many different shapes and textures to tomatoes as well.

But the best part is still the flavor. Just try a Brandywine or a Mortgage Lifter tomato you’ll never want to go back to a bland grocery store-bought tomato.

Below you will see a small assortment of the variety of tomatoes we have grown so far this year in the Vertical Screen Garden.

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