When gardening, think Vertical!

Warm season vegetable vine crops can really take up a bunch of space in a garden. Crops such as winter squash, cucumber, melon, watermelon and pumpkin can easily vine over 10 feet and take over a small vegetable garden. Therefore, in an effort to save ground space, don’t be afraid to grow up!

To grow upwards, not outwards, I use 4’ x 8’ flat sheets of concrete reinforcement wire, or remesh, to create the perfect trellis for growing these heavier fruited crops. When supported with two bamboo poles or metal t-stakes, the remesh can hold quite a bit of weight – even a larger sized watermelon. I attach the remesh to the posts using heavy twine or galvanized wire.

Check out these pictures of some of the crops our gardeners are growing vertically this year:

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