Raised-bed gardening

We are totally spoiled here at the Vertical Screen Garden. Over a hundred 4’ x 8’ raised-bed garden boxes line our 5,000-square-foot corporate garden, and once most gardeners have experienced raised-bed gardening, they don’t want to go back to messing with their backyard dirt.

Here are a few reasons why using a raised bed can help take your garden to new heights:

Ease of Working – Our beds range from 18 to 24 inches tall. While this is on the high end of raised bed heights, it makes for a great a height to manage your bed and also helps to alleviate the strain on your back. Weeding, planting and harvesting are all easier at this height, making maintaining your garden less of a pain – literally.

Soil – You control the soil that goes into your bed. Use a good mix of topsoil and plenty of organic matter (mushroom soil, leaf compost, composted manures, etc.). Combined, these materials make for unbelievably fluffy soil where roots want to grow deep. You won’t be stepping in these beds either so there is no foot compaction of the soil.

Space Saver – You can plant all the way to the edge of the bed allowing for increased garden space. Having plants trail over the sides of the bed allows you to utilize space that otherwise would have been used as a footpath.

All in all, using a raised-bed garden can provide both the novice and experienced gardener with a planting space that is not only easy to maintain but also serves as a nice aesthetic addition to the landscape.

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