Drip irrigation: economical and efficient

It’s the middle of summer and like many Pennsylvania summers it’s hot, dry and humid. In this sort of weather, vegetable plants need supplemental water, especially in raised beds.

While many people are used to good old fashioned lawn sprinklers to water their lawns and vegetable plots, we here at Vertical Screen we use drip irrigation to water all of our raised beds. This type of irrigation puts water where it is needed most—the roots.

Sprinklers don’t soak the ground very well unless they run for a long time and much of the water is lost to evaporation in the air. Although a drip system requires some planning and some basic plumbing knowledge, the time invested into developing a drip system will save you both time and money—you’ll spend less time watering all while saving money on your water bill—and your plants will be a lot healthier too!

Additional benefits of a drip system include the conservation of water and the reduction of weeds. Drip irrigation systems allow for this because they ensure you are only watering the areas of your garden that need it and the plants that you want. This also helps to ensure your plant leaves are not watered, which in turn protects your plants from different diseases as well as potential insect problems.

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